Wednesday, June 12, 2013

If you can't take the heat

Last week I had the week off while the family I nanny for were on vacation. I still had to tutor a couple of days, but it was nice being able to spend a few full days at home in a clean home and just do whatever I want. And also thankfully for most of the week the weather wasn't too terribly hot. Well until the weekend that is...I seriously can't take the heat, which proves even more that I am truly from Alaska. It was 100+ degrees here where we live in the Bay area this weekend and I tell you, I died. But my husband was so gracious to me because on the day where I should have been doing housework and shopping and whatnot, he was okay with the fact that for a day all I did was hang out in our little apartment and sleep off the heat....and he ended up doing all the housework for me on his day off. I love him. And as far as the camera only challenge I ran into some obstacles this last week, so there are photos from my phone/instagram posted here since 1) I went to a concert and they told me I couldn't have a DSLR there (which was a LIE btw) and 2) My SD card ran out of memory and I had to scurry to find a way to save the photos (since my computer is also lacking in memory). Needless to say, my phone saved me in those moments to capture life. Anyhow, here's some stuff that actually did happen when I wasn't sleeping and was able to capture it...

1. Setting up for our first dinner guests (our family) in our new place and on our new table and busting out one of the only games that was gifted to us at our wedding. 
Caleb bought these plates at the Goodwill. They are actually better made than the plates we bought ourselves and were wayyyy cheaper!
2. Doing art projects on my day off and finally filling up that empty canvas that's been in the garage for months (a separate post on that later)
 3. Ice Cream and walks with my husband
4. Dinner success! Lentil and Pork Slow Cooker stew --so good! 
 5. Chick-Fil-A and Hillsong United Concert with some of our youth and leaders from church

6. Louisa's Axis Youth Group Celebration
 7. The only things I did on Saturday in 100+ weather...lay in bed under the ceiling fan and get reacquainted with the bass
  8. Louisa's 21st birthday celebration with the family and experiencing her first "real" drink with her
 (she was happier with the fruity, virgin drink though)
9. My husband was able to capture a shot of me hibernating during the heat. I truly can't take it.
10. Going to one of our favorite antique shops - Blue Door Antiques 
 11. Caleb drafting our "dream house"...which will be on a mountain range on top of an active volcano with a helicopter pad and force field to protect against the lava, an underground trampoline (that is lava resistant I guess?), a huge telescope protruding from the roof, and acrobatic wire to get to the tree house on the mountain next to us. Yep this is a house that truly would only be in Caleb's dreams...
  12. Finished my week off by celebrating an early Father's Day put on by my sister-in-law Allison, who will be missing real Father's Day this year. Scrumptious Banana Bread French Toast and my personal fave, BACON. 

Taking and sharing photos has sure made me appreciate life and moments even more and reminds me just how blessed I am with such great family and friends. And God continues to remind me that...

Isn't life loverly? 

Until we meet again soon, 

- xo Alicia 

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