Thursday, June 27, 2013

A New Love: The Farmer's Market

Last Thursday Caleb and I were finally able to do something we haven't been able to do all year --hit up our local farmer's market! Here where we live, the farmer's market runs all year round, but of course it's on Sunday mornings while we're at church, hence why we haven't gone ever. But during the spring and summer our town also has the farmer's market on Thursday nights, which still proves to be difficult to go with work and our church community group, but we were finally able to make time for it last week and can I just say I loved it! I had never been to a farmer's market before, but when I got there it just reminded me of a cleaner, classier version of Indian markets mixed in with a carnival feel with booths all around and smell of barbeque meat was in the air. It was also an awesome opportunity to officially test out my new camera! I was able to get my new 60D all charged up in time for the evening and Caleb and I spent the evening taking photos together! That was especially fun. Here are some of the photos from the evening. 

Isn't our place cute. We're the one in the middle.
What's great is that the Thursday night farmer's market is seriously right down the street from our place. I think we'll have to make this a weekly thing to get our produce at :)
I think lighting in markets is spectacular. Photographing people and their produce always seems to be the best in open markets.
After finally getting organic strawberries, I don't know if I can ever go back.

Mmm, Barbequed pork --a smell that reminds me of Crabfest back home! LOVE <3
That's my cute little shopping basket. It was a bit heavy for me to carry, so of course I made my husband carry it. Just goes to show how confident he is in his masculinity.

I can't say enough how much I love my life with Caleb. I mean yes, marriage is hard and it takes work, but living life with him is an awesome adventure, even in the mundane, everyday things like holding hands to new experiences like going to the farmer's market to shop together. I hope the farmer's market is a tradition we instill in our family, wherever we may be, because I seriously loved it and loved how much fruit and produce we got for under $15! Amazing.

But for now....

Isn't life loverly?

Until next time,

            -xo Alicia

Thursday, June 20, 2013

World, Meet Audrey

She's here!

World, meet Audrey -my new camera! 
After like 3 attempts, she is finally in my possession and will be used soon!
(And yes, I do name all my camera equipment!)

Isn't she loverly?

More to come! 
-xo Alicia

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Photos My Husband Took

When I was single and starting in photography, I always dreamt of meeting a guy with the same interests and passions in art and photography as me, and we would adventure and excursion together, taking photos along the way. The first part of that dream wasn't exactly fulfilled, at least not in the way that I had imagined. My husband and I sure do love to adventure and excursion together and because of my love for photography, my husband Caleb has been picking up my camera a lot and just experimenting with it, which I love. And since we've been married, he's improved a lot! He still doesn't understand all the functions on the camera, but he is becoming quite good figuring manual settings and manual focus and I have to say, I am quite proud of him. :) I am also ecstatic that soon we will both have our own cameras to experiment with together, as I will be picking up a new Canon 60D this week and Fred will be passed on to my husband! I love finding new hobbies to do with my husband, and I love that one of them can be photography.  Here are some photos that he's taken mostly from our half year anniversary trip to Half Moon Bay, but some from exploring around home. And btw, the only person I will ever play model with is my husband, at least this freely...haha.

I love my husband and love that we can share such loverly moments together and share in documenting them together. He pushes me to be a better wife and a better photographer and for that I love him so so much. We only have a couple more weeks here at home before our vacation in Alaska where we will be counselors at a day camp in Kodiak, Alaska, where I'm from. And can you believe it, we'll be leaders for photography camp! Can't wait to see how we both will be stretched there spreading the love of Jesus to my Kodiak kids and spreading our love for photography! 

Isn't life loverly? 

Until next time, 

-xo Alicia (& Caleb)