About Me

Hi there. My name is Alicia. 
This is my personal lifestyle and photography blog. 
At the beginning of the year, I made one resolution. 
Take more photos

And so far I've been doing pretty good.
I've been taking at least one photo every day for the last 5 months.
But I've been noticing a couple of patterns that I want to change....
1) I've been out of touch with my DSLR 
2) I rarely share these photos except on Facebook (which is barely)
And as great as phone photos are, I really want to improve my photography skills in many mediums (digital, phone, & film), so this is now going to be my way to share the loverly moments in my life through my lens(es).
And through words, because let's face it I'm out of touch with writing also!
So I hope some people will be following along and might be inspired. 
Or if anything I'd inspire myself to do more. :) 

A little more about me...
I am married to the most amazing man ever named Caleb. 
I love love love Audrey Hepburn (hence the loverly reference from My Fair Lady)
and I love old films and all things vintage. 
Red lipstick is my new fave. 
Ice cream and crafting are my old faves (but will never get old).
I love to travel and adventure, whether it's near or far.  
Of course, I love photography and want to become even more passionate about it. 
And most importantly I am a follower of Jesus.
I strive to live out His love and live for Him everyday.
He is the one that blesses me with this loverly life.  

Well that's it for now. 
                 Until next time. 
                                   -xo Alicia 

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