Thursday, October 24, 2013

We're gonna look back at this and...

I'm going to be real for a moment. I just gotta say, this week has sucked. Really, there is no better way to sum up this week so far than saying it has sucked. Big time. For those of you who aren't in the know, our car was stolen while we were hiking in the Redwoods in Northern California. We were finishing up our hike and as we were coming out of the trail, we saw our car being stolen in broad daylight and before we realized what just happened, we were stranded. Yep, we are definitely not hiking in Alaska anymore. So lets face it. Watching your car be stolen right before your eyes and being stranded in the Redwoods with no reception, hours from home or civilization, and all your valuables gone just sucks. And I have got to admit, I have not had it all together. I have gone through every negative emotion I could think of in the last 2 and a half days. When our car was stolen I cried. For 9 hours straight as we waited for a glimmer of hope and also a ride home. I cried when we finally made it home and went to bed at 6 in the morning the next day. I cried when I woke up 3 hours later and then again that evening, just for prosperity's sake. Yeah, in all lots of crying, and then lots of anger, cursing, and mumbling in between. All the while still trying to be joyful (well after all the crying finally ceased) and hopeful and trusting that the Lord is working this all out for our good and His purpose. 

But in these moments where I've been a mess and I haven't had it all together and have gone through so many emotions until I have just felt blank and in a haze, I realize more and more just how much I need the Lord right now. Because even though I cried for 9 hours straight, in midst of the tears all I could do was just cry out to God. Even though I was so angry I could punch everything, I have tried my hardest to pray for those men who are so empty and so lost. Even though I have cursed and mumbled and complained and been bitter, I have prayed and prayed for forgiveness and for an increase in faith and joy and peace and love. And I know all of that is because of Jesus. Without Him i would just be a crying, cursing, bitter, horrible mess. But thankfully, In His love and grace He saved this big wad of mess and has made me His. His daughter. His beloved. His chosen. All the titles that come with so many promises and blessings.  

So because of all this sucky crap and in midst of all my mess all I can do is cling to Jesus and trust. We may never get our car back, but all I can do is cling to Him and trust. I may never see my computer again but all I can do is cling to Jesus and trust. We may not have a means of transportation for months, but all I can do is cling to Jesus and trust. And not trust that we will have everything back and life will be all butterflies and sunshine, but trust in all the promises He has given us as His children. Trust that His hand is over all of this. Trust that this is ultimately good and for our good. And really, that is what gives me joy. That is what gives me hope. And that is what gives me the hope to think Caleb and I will look back at this and say God is good. Despite the world around us being totally sucky, God is still good, has been good to us, and will be good. No matter what. We certainly won't look back at all this fondly and we certainly won't laugh about it. It won't be a favorite memory of our second year of marriage (the first day of our second year mind you), but already we have seen so much grace from the Lord in midst of the crap and I know that with each new day new mercies and blessings will come. So I am trying my hardest to stop looking back, stop replaying our car being stolen over and over in my mind, stop myself from crying and being angry or worried, or thinking of what we could have done to prevent it from happening, but instead I will be dwelling on the promises of God and looking forward to what He has in store. Though we may not see it all, it comforts me to know that God knows and is the one leading our lives. And it comforts me to remember God is good all the time. Yes, indeed He is. 

And just to show that the whole weekend wasn't a total flop (it was quite lovely despite the drive back), here are some photos from our anniversary. Unfortunately half of the photos from the weekend were in a memory card in my backpack and without a computer it's a bit difficult to upload the ones I do have from my camera (which wasn't stolen by the yay). But fortunately my phone was on my person when we were on our walk. So here's to our first year, which has so far been our best year ever! Haha


Trying my hardest to keep saying, 

Isn't life loverly? 


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Summer days are over

I am in disbelief. I cannot believe how quickly the year is flying by! Summer is over and fall has officially begun in our part of the world (though not much of a difference in California). But I am overly excited for cooler weather, sweaters, warm drinks, scarves, cuddling evenings and most of the holidays that will be coming oh so soon! I seriously LOVE thanksgiving and most of all, Christmas! But don't want to get too ahead of myself (but I seriously can't wait).

This summer was a struggle for my husband and I. I shared in my previous post (which was like forever ago) that we were in a rut of sorts and were really struggling with contentment. I am happy to say that the Lord has been continuing to refine us in that area and we are genuinely joyful for where he has placed us. The Lord has also been so good and so gracious in growing my husband in leading our home from stepping up and leading in how we arrange our homes to stepping up and leading in how we arrange our lives and our character. In this last couple weeks alone, there has been constant change within us and it has affected how we value our life here where we are right now. This summer was a struggle and hard and yeah, just blah, but by the grace of God his mercies are new every morning and as the leaves and weather are changing before us, so are we. A new season is beginning in our household and I can't wait to see how the leaves change.

{The summer days are over}

Hot summer nights call for cool summer meals.

Our lovely friends from church, Brooke & Jordan. 
P.S. not a fan of pop culture trivial pursuit. Don't know and don't care about it enough.
Summers of course call for amusement at amusement parks.
Have I mentioned I love Korean barbeque? The bessst.
More amusement at the county fair.
Heart attack waiting to happen, I know, but this funnel was to die for....seriously.
Summer...where you can never have enough barbeque...
I have seen the Postal Service live. Check off another one on my bucket list.
And then our car broke down in Berkeley. So that was fun! Bikes were our mode of transportation for about a week until...
...our new (old) car! Still yet to be named. Maybe just Goldie works? hmmm...
Our first trip in the Golden one (?) down to Santa Cruz.
Kodiak reunion!

Peanut Butter Nutella Cookies...need I say more???
Axis Lock-ins mean silly games and fun times....
Axis lock-ins also mean staying up until 3 in the morning and desperately needing coffee in the morning...
This summer my friend Brooke helped me discover Sprouts. LOVE!
This summer Caleb and I finally went out for Sushi for a date night. YUM!
The best banana split you'll ever have. Seriously.

And then there was those times the fire hydrant exploded....
...two days in a row.
And then that other time I finally got to try macarons. yes please.
A Hawaiian dinner sure sounds fitting in the summer time.

Oooh, and virgin Mai Tai's. Yesssss. 
A lot of new things have developed this summer in our family.... ;)
Though it's still as weird and musical!
Coffee dates with World Racers. 
And road trips with the hubby.
Its kind of my thing to always take a photo of being blessed with Chick-Fil-A. LOVE!
Thrifting with beautiful friends in wonderful new places.
And wonderful reunions with new family members!
Uhm, isn't she PRECIOUS! (Our new baby cousin we finally were able to meet.)
Memories at Grandma's house. 
Our beautiful family. 
Bike Riding and finding gems like this...
Milkshakes & Fries = the bessst.
Who will when at a game at hearts??
More thrifting and hipster portraits...
And more adventures to be had!
Feeling my first dose of rain this season --awesome!
Goodbye summer days....

Though it was hard season for us, the Lord certainly blessed us with many things this summer. With so many memories and adventures that continually remind me of the journey ahead. And it all reminds me...

Isn't life loverly?

Until next time (where I'll hopefully be wearing some boots & a scarf)
    - xo Alicia