Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Alaska Love Part I

It's been exactly a month since we've returned from our vacation. In many ways it seems like it's still been a year since I've been home. That 10 day trip was really way too short and as I've been slowly sifting through my photos, I've noticed how many things I missed going to. My favorite beach. Up a mountain. Over to Woody Island. To my favorite pastry shop. But also looking at these photos and reliving the memories I am so thankful I got to go at all. Summer is almost to a close for Alaska, and though I wish I were still there right now, I'm happy I got a short glimpse of it this year. And hey! The sun was even out most of the time! Even though the trip was short, I was of course not lacking in documenting it and had lots of moments to capture, so in order to not overwhelm a single post and myself because of all the formatting, I'm splitting this post up. This is the first part of our Alaskan summer. 
We had 15 hour layover in Anchorage, so we were able to spend time with one of my Kodiak friends who recently moved there. Anchorage isn't my favorite, but spending time with my old friends is. This was the view from his window in the sketchy part of town (even the sketchy part of town has beautiful scenery).
We stopped by what we call the Alaska Chocolate factory to of course admire all the chocolate and pass the time by taking photos with the ridiculous Alaskan souvenirs.  
We ended up getting a box and playing with some reindeer. Ya know everyday normal life in Alaska. This was after we had just eaten a reindeer sausage hot dog which was awfully tasty. 
Saying farewell at the airport. Onto to Kodiak!
Landing on a foggy day. Not hopeful at first, but I was so glad to be home.
We flew into to Kodiak on the 4th of July, so after spending a little time settling in and seeing my family, we headed over to our home base for the week, the Kodiak Baptist Mission for a 4th of July celebration full of steak, fireworks, and all.
This is the beach that's a part of the Baptist Mission. We headed down there around 10 to blow off some fireworks. Yep, this is night time in Alaska. 
I don't think a roman candle is supposed to go that way. hahaha
It was raining all weekend, so Caleb and I frequented many of my favorite coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants to get out of the rain.
Java Flats has the best cookies. Ever.
Caleb's birthday was while we were in Kodiak. I didn't want to have to wait until the following week to give him his gift, so we went out to celebrate a week early at one of Kodiak's new Greek(ish) restaurants, Sparrows.
A new waterproof camera to be used on our birthday kayaking expedition the next week on his birthday!
Though we weren't able to climb any mountains, we went hiking on trails a lot in Kodiak. This was our hike around Abercrombie. 

Caleb could have stayed at this beach skipping rocks for days.
We set out on a rainyish Saturday to go out fishing for the day with our friends who were visiting from Virginia. We planned our trips to coincide so we'd be able to see each other.
I stayed at shore the whole morning because the water was too deep for my Xtra Tuffs. Oh well, it was more fun to take photos anyhow.
Isn't my nephew totally adorable? He came out fishing with us later that day. And then proceded to jump in the river. haha that kid.
To get ready for photography camp, Caleb and I set out all around downtown to get photos of the town. We took a lot more, but I'll post them with a photography camp post soon.
The sun came back out by Monday so Caleb and I set out to chase it all evening, beginning with the South End Trail on Near Island.
Isn't it just gorgeous? One of my favorite spots on the island!
We didn't hike up any mountains but we took the easy way and drove up one instead! This is the view from Pillar Mountain.

Watching a Kodiak sunset is the best way to end the day by the way. This was at 11:30 at night and didn't get much darker after that. How I miss those long summer days! But my Alaskan home just reminds me...

Isn't life loverly? 

More to come soon, 
   - xo Alicia 

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