Thursday, July 25, 2013

Looking for Alaska

Summer is just flying by! When you're working full-time though and not in a public school or seasonal job or something, summer doesn't really exist. At least not a real summer break. But Caleb and I were able to take a wonderful break a couple of weeks ago to my home in Alaska (which explains my hiatus for the last month). But going to Alaska always makes summer feel like summer, especially to a girl that cannot stand the going to Alaska is the best vacation ever! We were home for 10 days, which was way too short but still oh so glorious! The weather was perfect (mid-60's to 70's, sunny and thus, able to be enjoyed!), and I was able to spend time with family and friends and bask in the beauty of Kodiak. We explored, we laughed, we played, we kayaked, and journeyed over as much of the town as we could. We also had a blast running photography camp at the Baptist Mission! It was a bit difficult at times, but I loved spending time with those kids and showing them how fun photography can be. I am still in the process of sifting through all of my photos (which was a lot), but here is a preview of our wonderful Alaskan vacation courtesy of my phone (and my sister's phone where I could finally use vscocam).

It's always hard to leave home, especially when you love it so much. And man do I ever love Alaska. Soon I'll put up some photos from Audrey and some photos my husband (and Fred) took of our Alaskan adventure.  

Until next time, 

- xo Alicia 

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