Thursday, May 30, 2013

Where to Begin....

I've been keeping a blog here and there over at my very impersonal, not share a lot of personal stuff tumblr blog, Passing the Time Away. That blog was started a couple of years ago when I was interested in a guy and couldn't get my mind off of him, so I started a random, pretty much always cryptic blog to pass the time away so I wouldn't get too caught up in him. Well it worked. It worked so well that I completely got my mind off him and finally noticed the man who is now husband a year after that blog started and then began even more cryptic, but happy cryptic posts! That blog has been a great way to put some more creative stuff on there and put some smaller posts of my thoughts and likes, but it's been difficult to post anything lengthy or share photos really well, and unless you're on tumblr or super tech savvy, it's almost impossible to comment or share posts with people! But especially after starting a 365 photo project this year, those things became even more difficult and after day 13, I pretty much failed on posting my photos on that blog. Long story shorter, I've really been missing blogging and being able to share my photos, so this blog, Loverly Moments, was born. I've attempted and failed at many blogs in the past, but I think the reason for that was because I didn't have much focus or a theme to keep me focused and that's why PTTA worked so well because it was super random. But now I've began a new chapter in my life in marriage, and am super far away from my friends and family, so what better way to share everyday life than on the interweb. So in short, this will serve as a photo journal, forcing me to document the little things in life and not only document but share them. Who knows if anybody will be reading this, but I will enjoy reflecting on the loverly moments of life.

Until next time,

- xo Alicia

*note* If you don't know where the term loverly comes from, I suggest the next movie you put on your queue is an Audrey film and classic called My Fair Lady. I've been using this word forever and never knew it's origin and of course, it's associated with Audrey!

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